Immaculate conception or wasteful birth?

The “immaculate conception” of christian myth, where Mary is statutorily raped and impregnated by the Holy Ghost, and gives birth to Jesus, “the Son of God”, is a prime example of a patriarchal reversal. There is nothing immaculate about rape or the way that Mary conceived Jesus. Immaculate means “having no stain or blemish, having […]

Fake radical feminists: what system are we fighting?

I am starting to notice a clear distinction developing between socialist feminists who call themselves radfems, and radical feminists who call themselves anarchists/socialists. That distinction exists in the way we conceive of the system we are opposing. I also think that the debate about socialization versus innate male-evolence (male malevolence) is less pressing than making […]

Having a mental disability doesn’t disqualify your political opinions; having political opinions doesn’t disqualify your mental disability

As an anarchist womon with a mental disability, who was punished for both my neurodivergence and my distaste for authority, I have a certain nuanced understanding of how mental disabilities interact with a life lived according to anarchism. Years ago, an article posted on an alternative news site posted by a “mental health professional dissident” […]