Believe Me

When your straight mother tells you she doesn’t think you are a lesbian, because even though you have been an out lesbian for x years, and are soon to be engaged, she says that she was told that homosexual kids always know they are homosexual — even in a homophobic and virulently lesbophobic world, even […]

REBLOG: Transadvocates – please look up the Nuremberg Code! — writing by renee

Recently, psychologist and media personality Nigel Latta was interviewed on TV1’s Breakfast show alongside Awa, an eighteen year old college student who feels “trapped” in a body “that I absolutely despise”. On the show, Latta stated his support for state-funded genital surgery for Awa’s self-loathing, saying that this surgery is as necessary to Awa’s wellbeing […]

REBLOG: parallels between nazi doctors and genderism in medicine, i.e. transmedicalism

[…] What this romantic essentialism justified, for Nazi doctors, was medical experimentation. Lifton talks about the “National Socialist breakdown of the distinction between research and healing, since the results of the work of the researcher are for the benefit of the Volk.” […] There are also commonalities between who the Nazi doctors, and who gender […]

Wimmin who have the most to gain from feminist communes

Separatism is often discussed as some kind of privileged activity and we’re going to prove that wrong by discussing who stands the most to gain from a Female Separatist movement: the so-called Lumpenproletariat. The female “lumpenproletariat” consists of wimmin from homeless shelters, wimmin from prisons, wimmin working at minimum waged jobs (usually $7.25 to $8.00 […]

Practical Female Separatism for the Everywomon, in Easy Steps

Decolonize your body and mind from the patriarchy. “Wimmin” is just colloquial for females. That includes girls, but we just didn’t want to use the word female. Unlike sheltered white wimmin who advocate “separatism” (but haven’t checked their liberalism) coming from a position of superiority and condescension and look down on wimmin who aren’t pure […]